It is a federation at the service of real estate organizations, whose primary objective is to defend the collective interests of the sector through concrete actions and within the legal and statutory framework. It is about protecting the right to private property and encourages collaboration and mutual aid between different real estate both nationally and internationally.


FIABCI’s mission is to defend the interests of its members worldwide against international bodies such as the UN and the European Union, mainly within the framework of the regulation of professions, the protection of the right to private property and the promotion of collaboration between the public and private sectors.


Being a member of FIABCI allows you to establish contacts with professionals in the international real estate sector, exchange knowledge and information about the sector in the world through educational and cultural exchanges, multiply the number of real estate agents, property managers, advisors, financial experts, developers and urban planners, in addition:

Support for the creation of international networks capable of bringing new business, through personal contacts and participation in networking sessions organized among professionals from 70 countries.

It allows participation in national and international meetings, world and regional congresses, conferences, specialized commissions, technical excursions, trade missions and trade shows in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas.

It offers an International Dimension to the activities of its members, thanks to the possibility of presenting their properties in real estate exchanges, and of getting in touch with colleagues from foreign countries, investors or other real estate professionals.

It brings International Notoriety thanks to the possibility of using the name and logo of FIABCI in its professional material, the publication of its data in the directory of partners or in the site www.fiabci.org which includes a complete presentation of each partner, and links to its electronic address and website.

It helps to acquire knowledge of real estate markets and professional practices abroad, through participation in trade missions and exchange programmes and professional practices.

Enhancement of Professional Training through collaboration in the work of defining the rules that condition access to the real estate professions in the world, educational programs and codes of ethics.

Concertation and action with professional organizations in the world, through the comparison of ideas and experiences, in workshops organized by specialized commissions, world or regional congresses, conferences or colloquiums.

For further information, please consult the FIABCI internal regulations.